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Rotovac versus Wand
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   I am sure you have seen the ads from companies offering the new Rotovac 360 cleaning system claiming it to be a better cleaning method than the traditional wand.  While other carpet cleaning companies claim the Rotovac damages carpet and voids your warranty.  So who is right?

   They both are a "little" right.  The rotovac 360 carpet cleaning machine is a very aggressive carpet cleaning machine. However it does not void your warranty. The traditional wand cleaning is a good cleaning method, but can not clean as well in extreme dirt and stain situations.

Carey Mitchell, director of technical services for carpet manufacturer Shaw Industries Inc., says his company won't void its warranty based on cleaning methods used. He says Shaw "recommends hot water extraction by a professional carpet cleaner" as a preferred process.

    Used improperly the Rotovac can cause carpet damage, proper RPM's, pressure, and heat all need to be calculated depending on your carpet type. Used correctly however it is an extremely effective carpet cleaning machine.

    Traditional wand cleaning is also an effective method of cleaning...of course without the proper pre-treatment solution, dwell time, heat, pressure, and vacuum extraction it will not clean effectively.  I use a high powered pretreatment solution applied at over 220 degrees. Allow a 15 minute plus dwell time and extract with a rinsing solution again at over 220 degrees.  Typically the wand cleaning method will clean very well.

     I offer both methods, I use the traditional wand cleaning method on over 80% of my jobs and offer the Rotovac as an option in extreme cleaning cases.<<<Back to Home