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Stain Removal
Stain Spotting & Removal Tips
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1 Scoop up as much of the spill as possible, with a towel or a spoon.

2 Blot the spot, don't rub or scrub. Gently press clean cloths into the stained area to remove moisture. Scrubbing can damage the fiber and set the stain into the carpet.

3 Apply warm, not hot, water to the stained area and blot until the stain stops transferring to the cloth.

4 If you can still see the stain, make a Detergent Solution by adding 1/4 teaspoon dishwashing liquid to one cup warm water. Don't use too much soap, because it's difficult to rinse out of the carpet.

5 Apply the detergent solution, let sit five minutes, then rinse with clear warm water. Repeat until all the detergent is removed.

6 Place layers of white paper towels on the spill to absorb the liquid. Weight down the towels with a non-staining glass or ceramic object. You can let them sit overnight.

7 When the carpet is dry, vacuum to restore the texture.

8 If you can see the stain after all this, call us!

stain removal processWe remove;

- Red stains
- Ink stains
- Food stains
- Pet urine stains
- Pet vomit stains
- Pet feces stains
- Oil stains
- Gum

**NOTE** stains can become "set" in carpet when some retail products are used (resolve, SpotShot, etc.). We highly recommend you follow the steps outlined on this page for stain removal, once a stain is set it may not come out.
Deep Extraction Stain Removal

In the case that a stain has reached below the backing of the carpet our deep extraction process will remove the stain all the way from the padding.  Stains that are not removed completely will reappear over time.  If we perform a deep extraction stain removal we offer an unconditional guarantee that the stain will not come it does, so will we.