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Tile & Grout Cleaning Packages

   Economy  Deluxe  Premium
 Inspection  YES YES YES
 Grout Test
 Pre-Sweep  YES YES  YES
 Pre-Treat  YES YES
 Edge Scrubbing
 Power Cleaning
 Corner Cleaning
 Final Inspection
Steel Brush
Grout Cleaning

 Heavy Duty
Grout Sealing
 2 Areas/300 sq/ft
 4 Areas/600 sq/ft
 $179  $249  $299
 6 Areas/900 sq/ft
 $225  $315  $449
 8 Areas/1200 sq/ft
 $269  $379  $599

optional services

Steel Brush Grout Lines - High traffic areas, Kitchen areas, and bathrooms sometimes accumulate a large amount of dirt and grime if the floor had not been sealed within the last 2-3 years machine cleaning may not be enough to lift the attached dirt.  We offer steel grout brushing in the severe cases.
(Included in deluxe and premium packages)

Clear seal
- Application of Dupont heavy duty grout sealer. We flood your grout lines (no just brush a coat on) giving you the maximum seal on your grout.
(included in premium package.)

Stain seal - Stain sealing is usually needed when the grout has been permanently stain due to age or lack of care.  We can stain seal your grout to any color you wish, this application will make your floor look new again!

Green Cleaning - We are one of the few tile and grout cleaning companies that offers a green cleaning option for your tile and grout that can still deliver the cleaning power you need to effectively remove the dirt and grime.

 Why do I need to seal my tile or grout?

Avoid the top 10 tile cleaning mistakes

Tile and Grout repair service is available as well

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