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Watch out carpet cleaning scams
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     Are they for real?

     You see the coupons all the time "Carpet cleaning only $9.95 per room". How can one company charge only $9.95 per room while others charge $20-$30 per room?

      The fact is it is financially impossible for a carpet cleaning company to stay in business charging only $9.95 per room.  Just think about what all is involved in completing one job. fuel (commute to job & equipment operation), chemicals, setup time, cleaning time, and pack up time. These companies are using the bait and switch scam to get to your home then add charges for services that should be included anyway.

      We have priced our cleaning services in such a way that allows the customer to get a quality cleaning for the absolute best value possible.

We charge by the "cleanable" square foot.  This means we only charge you for the exact amount of area you are having cleaned...we don't double room charges if your room exceed a certain square footage, we allow you to use the square footage any way you want throughout your home.  It's the honest way.

Each cleaning package we offer clearly states exactly what services are included.  Even our economy package inlcudes stain spotting and pre-treatment.

     The second thing to consider is the companies experience and quality of equipment.  A scary fact is there is no required licensing or certification to start a carpet cleaning business.  A person can buy a portable carpet cleaning machine for as little as $500 and be in business offering professional carpet cleaning services.

     I have over 10 years experience in the cleaning service industry with a setup that cost over $60,000 dollars. <<<GO Back

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