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soft water carpet cleaning

We Use Only Soft Water to Clean Your Carpeting - So What?

BECAUSE SOFT WATER CLEANS HARDER!carpet cleaning water softner in van

FACT: According to the U.S. Geological Survey, 85% of the water in the United States contains hardness minerals.

FACT: The School of Consumer & Family Sciences at Purdue University recently conducted a study which proved that the life of clothing and household textiles (such as carpet) was prolonged up to 15 percent when they were washed in conditioned water.

FACT: The minerals that make water hard usually contain calcium and magnesium. Calcium and magnesium in water interfere with the cleaning action of soap and detergent. They do this by combining with soap or detergent and forming a scum that does not dissolve in water. Because they react with soap and detergent, they remove the soap and detergent, thereby reducing the effectiveness of these cleaning agents. This could be overcome by adding more soap or detergent. However, the residue left behind can adhere to the carpet fibers, making it eventually appear dingy again.

FACT: According to the Water Quality Research Council (WQRC), it is well known that the hotter the water, the cleaner the carpeting. This is particularly true in hard water. As mentioned earlier, hard water effects detergents by reducing it's cleaning ability, which means hotter water may be required.

THE RESULTS: The soft water increases the detergents cleaning properties and the results are simply amazing: soft, fluffy carpeting that is as clean and bacteria free as possible.